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Building Maintenance Solutions is a member of the Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA) and we service a tremendous variety of properties. They include financial and educational institutions, commercial real estate, health and municipal facilities, retail, entertainment, hospitality and other high traffic spaces. We monitor the cleaning needs of every facility and examine any changes to their environments, adjusting our service plan accordingly. Our customer feedback shows they notice marked improvement after obtaining our services.


Building Maintenance Solutions is one of the tri-state’s most relied-upon commercial cleaning and maintenance providers. Ensuring that millions of square feet are always professionally maintained and conscientiously cleaned, we help our clients improve employee satisfaction, promote productivity, and elevate their overall image.


Our unique and innovative approach to protecting your building investment sets BMS apart from other cleaning and maintenance providers. First we start with an objective analysis of your facility, proactively looking for ways to streamline and improve efficiencies. Always conscious of the bottom line, BMS is the first one to tell you if you can lower your costs, without sacrificing productivity. By taking take care of all staff recruitment, discipline and management, BMS ensures the highest quality performance. A higher than average supervisor-to-staff ratio ensures the efficiency of the cleaning and maintenance staff.


As an industry leader in Consulting Services we are the only major service firm to provide a fresh unique approach to operating a cost effective and productive building. With this aggressive approach we can guarantee our interested clients a system that will outperform any typical contractor’s approach.


BMS reputation of integrity has fostered impeccable relationships with industry professionals. Our clients benefit from our strong negotiation skills and can leverage our reputation as a good employer. Our firms integrity, quality and fairness comes first – for owners, managers, tenants, and employees alike.

"Our customers define our existence. Ensuring their satisfaction is our social and business responsibility"

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Corporate Building Maintenance Solutions
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